The Urban Glider Now Ride To School In Style

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The Urban Glider

The Urban Glider has been created by Austin Marhold who is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so that he can move to the production phase. It weighs in at 11 kg while being inspired from the Solowheel that was released back in 2011. It comes with a self-balancing 16” wheel along with a minimalist design for your feet while allowing for softened silicone kneepads that impart comfort. Leaning drives it and subsequently when you lean forward it accelerates thanks to the 1,500-Watt electric motor which runs the wheel in the direction the user is leaning into. Leaning back will decelerate it and steering is carried out by a combination of leaning and twisting.

The Urban Glider

According to the creator, the riding experience is quite thrilling but we foresee that one will require some time to master it. Marhold claims that the plastic shell casing in question is almost indestructible so yeah; you can go ahead and go crazy with this unicycle. It has a carrying capacity of 117 kg and takes about 1-2 hours to recharge completely whereas a single full charge is good for 32 km at a top speed of 20km/hr. The vehicle is also capable of charging during downhill drive and during deceleration. You can get one for a pledge of $999 and the shipment begins in December if all goes well.

The Urban Glider also comes with a USB port that can be used to charge the smartphone and a companion app will show you stats in real time on your smartphone.

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