USB Sticks You Must Have

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Key Smart is the premium key holder and pocket key organizer. The compact solution to your bulky key ring, made in the USA. This swiss army style key holder will create the perfect pocket organizer and minimalist keyring. Incredibly versatile with a wide selection of accessories our Key Smart key organizers can fit up to 100 keys!


Have your own pair of ninja stars but not in the form of a real weapon with this charmingly designed Ninja Shuriken USB drive. It is your standard memory stick but in the form of a Shuriken which is why the whole thing looks extremely attractive to the eyes. The drive has a lightweight metal alloy design and is intricately carved with finishings that make the device shine out as a masterpiece.

Captain America Shield Stick

Steve Rogers’s nearly indestructible shield could now become your USB support as this Captain America Shield Stick heads its way. The USB interface being compatible with both your PC and smartphone, this flash drive is much more than just a simple superhero toy. The Zinc Alloy lightweight metal design has made it shockproof and waterproof at the same time, so you need not worry about losing its power easily.

The Leef Access microSD Card Reader

The Leef Access microSD Card Reader has a convenient solution to transfer files and data from any microSD card to your Android smartphones and tablets. With this fusion of a micro USB connector and a microSD card reader into one gorgeous gadget, having access to your numerous media files is no longer a problem. Built strongly (waterproof and dustproof) to protect your valuable data from any accidental mishaps, this card reader also comprises an extra slot for storing a microSD card.

The Molla Space Car 8GB USB Flashdrive

The Molla Space Car 8GB USB Flashdrive is a flash drive masquerading as a toy car. You can choose either a cop car or an ambulance. Both have the detachable memory stick tucked into the flashing light on top of the vehicle. The police car has a red and blue light and the ambulance has a round red one. The vehicle is, in effect, the cap for the memory stick attached to the light. If you need an emergency backup, you can call 911 (don’t do that please) and have a cop car and ambulance racing to your USB port to rescue your data and keep it safe.

Monsters Inc. Sulley USB Drive

This Monsters Inc. Sulley USB Drive from the Bone Collection brings you the lovable James P. “Sulley” Sullivan as your backup. It’s an 8GB USB drive with a one piece design made of washable silicone. Of course, you don’t wash the drive. But Sulley can be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned out so your USB drive remains free of dust and all kinds of monstrous contaminating substances.

VW Camper Van Memory Stick from CamperVan

The VW Camper Van Memory Stick from CamperVan is an 8 GB flash drive that you can “park” right up against the USB port of your computer. The van is a scaled-down die-cast replica model of a 1962 classic VW Kombi Van. It’s a delightfully classic van with a white roof and blue bodywork. Once you have the van backed up into the loading and unloading dock aka the USB port, you can hook it up using the connector that’s hidden in the boot of the van.


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