Use Instagram Marketing Like A Pro With These 8 Tips

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Instagram is fast becoming one of the most influential marketing platforms for all kinds of brands.  Be it promoted ads or original content — there is a small slice of the cake for everyone. The colorful interface and top-notch call to action have made it the go-to medium for all businesses.

While there are many Instagram marketing packages at our disposal, they all revolve around the same ideologies of flawless content. Before you jump into making the posts, optimize your profile to derive the most from it. Please switch to a business account, update all information and photos, and link it to a Facebook ad manager.

Once you have all the technical aspects covered, follow a few of these tips, or all of them, to drive better use from your Instagram page.

  1. Master The Hashtag Game

Hashtags are the lifeline of Instagram. Many accounts tend to ignore this simple practice of using effective hashtags. Then there is the other end of the spectrum, who use irrelevant hashtags. You can get an extensive reach by using popular hashtags, but that does not mean they are converting into your loyal fans.

The use of hashtags can only be masted with the right research and planning. A good starting point is to study those being used by your competitors. Ensure that the hashtags you use are distributed between the goal of the campaign and the brand at large.

  1. Your Short Bio Speaks Volumes

Your bio is not a place to just make jokes or grab attention. It is the representation of your brand. It should explain the purpose of your page and give a brief idea about what followers can expect from this account. Please keep it simple, short, and catchy.

Keep your bio rich in keywords that are relevant to your brand. You should also consider tagging any parent or partner brands that you might associate with. Mention at least one call to action, and feel free to revisit and update the bio as and when needed.

  1. Plan Ahead, Get Ahead

The only way to run Instagram as an active marketing limb is with perfect planning. Plan your posts and stories ahead of time. Have the creatives pre-made and sorted into folders by date. Maintain an excel sheet of the posting date, description, and hashtags. Do not post on a whim — make the most out of each post.

Planning ahead also gives you time to make sure the quality of content is as superior as possible. These posts can be designed around announcements, events, festivals, or the campaign for that month. Other posts can always be added to the schedule when needed.

  1. Create Content – Don’t Only Sell

Your Instagram page cannot look like the classified section of a newspaper. The secret to gaining better engagements is to make fresh and memorable content. This does not need to be about your brands, the product, or the service. They can be around the theme of your business.

For example, if you are a company that sells sporting goods online — your content should be about sports and sportswear, not about the products themself. Alight your content to video forms at every opportunity you find. Video marketing for business is any day more valuable than photos.

  1. Run Contests

If there is one gem of marketing that gets the most engagement, it has to be running a contest. These are a sure way to seek engagements from existing users, and draw the eyeballs of new users. The competition must, however, be relevant to the image of your brand. This is the only way to attract a following that can be retained.

The rewards from the content must also be substantial. Have a giveaway that adds value to your target audience. It is easier to promote a contest on Instagram using ads than running in-your-face sales.

  1. Interact With Comments And Replies

The point of engagement is not to get replies, but also to engage with these comments. The more you do, the better the trajectory of engagement will rise. This is true for any brand. Let your followers feel like they are being heard. It helps to keep a set of pre-written replies or answers to commonly asked concerns about your brand.

Having interactions with other profiles is another essential method. Keep these replies authentic and not sound like a robot that sends a genetic message. When you notice posts of fellow brands or pages relevant to your business — take the time to leave a meaningful comment.

  1. Use The Bio-Link Effectively

If there is one significant disadvantage to Instagram is that it does not let you add URLs to the comments or captions. This can only be done in one place on your profile – the website link on the bio. This prime real estate must be visited and vetted each day to ensure all users can reach you.

You can also use an application that lets you create a custom page with all your post-links on them. A hidden page on the brand website with all the relevant links can also be used. Ensure the links have suitable tracking methods and well-guided call-to-actions. After you cross 10K followers, you can use the “swipe-up” feature.

  1. Make Authentic Collaborations

Like what we discussed with replies and comments, even collaborations with other users should be authentic. A user today can see through dishonest marketing gimmicks. If you are looking for influencers, make sure they are relevant to your brand. Keep in mind the interest of your following at all times.

Another way to make a meaningful collaboration is a give-and-take collab with other Instagram users. This means both the brands can endorse each other to their following, by creating some unique projects. For example, your online store can collaborate with a non-profit to raise money, while also plugging your brand.

In Conclusion,

If there is one hack to marketing, it has to be consistent. Results from any tips and tricks take time and effort to achieve. Your content must be timely, relevant, and original. While there are a lot of hacks out there, they are merely a catalyst — the content is the real king.


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