Why We Use War Games to Get a Break from Reality

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Chess is a war based game that people have been playing for thousands of years. In order to beat your opponent, you have to focus all of your attention on the game being played in front of you. When taking on more seasoned opponents you need to be able to anticipate every possible move and the potential outcome. Modern war games may be more complex than the game of chess, but it is most definitely the precursor to a type of gameplay that millions of people are enjoying on their handheld devices.

There’s no doubt that war games are fun, and require strategy and concentration but the question of why they are so luring still remains. The fact of the matter is that war games require so much time and effort that they pull users completely in. When you are forming a campaign, training troops, or working on forming an alliance, you take yourself out of reality.

Who Do War Games Appeal To?

It was once thought that only male gamers were drawn to war based games. After all, these games are usually designed with male characters and center around masculine themes. On the contrary, war game players don’t fit into any specific pre-defined category. You might find an elementary music school teacher enjoying a war game on her phone at the weekend after a particularly chaotic week. You may also find the owner of a prominent corporation talking smack during the course of playing a PC based war game after a successful acquisition. A lot of people play war games to help eliminate stress, but there is also the element of becoming someone else.

The Importance of Characters In War Games

Your average war game is based in a far off land, in another time centering around clashing kingdoms, dueling knights, or opposing cities. The heroes and, for that matter, villains in these games generally look very different from the players who control their moves. To go a step further, game makers frequently enable players to customize their looks. There are characters that you can build from scratch and characters that become unique as you accumulate armor, gear and new weapons. In the end, each player feels in control of the character’s visual looks as well as their attributes. Their characters may not represent them physically, but they are symbols of their accomplishments via dedicated game gameplay

Entering Another World

At the start of any war game, players have to take the time to learn the complete backstory. In addition, they must familiarize themselves with a new vocabulary and learn what the rules of the game are before they can feel comfortable setting forth. The culmination of all this is the creation of a new world. When you play a war game that features dragons and demons you are going to quickly find that it resembles nothing like home on earth. That is a big part of the draw of war games, as descriptions alone can be used to invoke powerful feelings. Not all war games have fancy graphics. In fact, some of the most basic RPGs have more text on the screen than imagery.

Those who want a break from reality frequently turn to war games for fun and exploration. This is how and why players will spend copious amounts of money on video games in hopes of total domination. Most war games are played indefinitely, but there’s truly only one goal in mind for all players. They’re a fun and harmless way to get out your frustrations, and in some cases, make a few friends and allies on your way up.


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