Useful Gadgets for Travelers 2019: Making a List on the Road

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Go-Go-Gadgets: The Best Devices for Travelers

You should prepare for your trip in advance: buy everything you need, build a route, book Durango Hotels, buy airline tickets and some travel gadgets, indispensable in travel.

This Solar Paper Can Charge Your Gadgets Using The Sun

Solar battery charger

At Aliexpress, the choice is vast: from a compact waterproof power bank with integrated flashlight and compass, to a charger consisting of several solar panels.

Tourists should pay attention to models that can be attached to the backpack – in this case, the charge in the power bank will be constantly replenished. A 10,000 mAh battery is sufficient to recharge several smartphones.

Such useful travel gadgets help to replenish the charge of phones, camcorders, cameras, and other small equipment, at a relatively low cost – $ 9-15.

Flux Capacitor Car Charger

Car charger for mobile devices

This device is worth buying not only for travelers but also for every car driver The compact device allows you to charge from the cigarette lighter smartphones, DVRs and even laptops.

For all the benefits of such a charger, its cost is quite small – the simplest devices for smartphones can be purchased for just one dollar.

Power bank

Hand-held charger for mobile phone

The device takes up minimal space, but its usefulness is difficult to overestimate, especially when the cost in the Chinese online store is only $2-3.

Cool shots for family archives and Instagram with a wide-angle lens for a smartphone.

Lenses for smartphones can be seen on many travelers – everyone wants to bring back from holiday a few dozen great photos.

The cost of this accessory depends on the manufacturer and starts at $4.

shorter tripods

Say shaking picture NO: Gorillapod flexible tripod

At first glance, the absurd “octopus” instantly falls in love with all lovers of unusual gadgets. Such a tripod is suitable for both action camera and ordinary cameras. You can install it anywhere: on any uneven surface.

You can buy this device for 13-16 dollars.

Baggage beacon

A good accessory for traveling by plane or train, where tourists sometimes lose their bags without a trace. In the same Chinese online store, such a beacon can be bought for just a couple of dollars.

By the way, you can use it at home: attach it to a pet collar for a walk or hate keys that are always lost. It remains to wait for the smart Chinese to come up with a beacon for the second sock…


“Safety button” for traveling with children.

Same beacon, but more advanced. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone and does not give away anything until it is more than 15 meters away from you. You’ll be alerted immediately and you’ll be able to find the “loss” from your phone.

There is also an SOS button on the beacon in case of an emergency.

As you have already understood, this travel accessory is suitable for those who travel with small children. You can buy such a beacon for only 3-5 dollars.

Universal socket adapter for all occasions

In different countries, the variations of connectors differ, and the need for a universal adapter is often remembered by tourists on the spot. A convenient multi-adapter will help you on any journey, among the products for the tourist it is among the most important.

Such a useful item costs from 6-7 dollars, and you can not buy it in every store. According to customer reviews, not bad but cheap options can be found on Aliexpress.


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