Using an Emulator and ROMs on your Computer

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Before starting hurling eggs at authors of this guide and label the entire emulating as illegal, let us remind you that it is considered illegal only in the case you are marketing emulators or ROMs. Otherwise, you don’t commit any crime. Moreover, emulation is the only possible way for millions of old-school gamers to revive their experience of playing on retro consoles, which have long sunk into oblivion. So, dear friends, before making any critical commend, we suggest going on reading the article to learn more about emulation and its advantages.

Emulation is about playing games on various platforms on your own PC. You can choose any system and get an appropriate emulator to begin playing your favorite game. Most players suppose that it is quite a time-consuming process to download and install emulators. Fortunately, their fears are groundless, since emulators represent user-friendly programs that can be easily understood by the wide audience.

  • Prior to downloading ROMs and emulators from the Internet, make sure that the website offering this sort of digital products is reputable and safe. It also would be wise to make sure that your computer meets the recommended hardware requirements for your emulator you intend to use.

Getting an Emulator

  1. First, you will need to go to the website offering high-quality emulators and select the program you would like to subsequently run your games on.
  2. Hit the conspicuous “Download Now” button to launch the process. (Remember to choose the one that will be best compatible with your hardware).
  3. Create the folder to save your emulator too and name it accordingly.

Downloading ROMs


Of course, the magic program is not all that is required to start running console games on your comp. ROMs are another essential component you will need to get installed prior to exploiting your emulator.

  1. You can either search the Internet for the ROMs you want to play or go straight to Romsmania, the website with a whole host of the coolest ROMs to satisfy each demanding player’s taste. Choose the ROMs you want to play on your emulator and click “Download Now” again. To make the process easier, you may type the game name in the search box, provided that you have decided what game to play, of course.
  2. Save the downloaded ROMs into the created folder. (Note that some ROMs go with a default folder set. In such a case, you don’t need to create any new folder).
  • If there are no ROMs you want to play on a certain website, don’t get frustrated and just keep looking in some other places.

Setup and Configuration

After availing yourself of the emulator and necessary ROMs, you will want to map the keys to make the process of playing more comfortable to you.

To do that, head to the “Options” section in your emulator. Click on “Joypad” and then, select the “Joypad Configuration” option.

Now that you know so much about emulation and ROMs, you can see yourself that there is nothing criminal or utterly dishonest in taking advantage of useful software that can help you run legendary console games on your comp or any other device you have at your disposal.


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