Valheim’s New Xbox Update Has Arrived, Patch Notes Revealed

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Valheim, the popular Viking themed survival game, finally made its console debut on Xbox Game Pass last month, after a successful PC exclusivity period for Iron Gate Studios. Since its launch on Xbox Series X|S platforms, the game has experienced some issues, as expected for an Xbox Game Preview title. However, the development team has been working hard to patch things up post-release.

The latest update, Valheim version 0.215.2, is now available on Xbox, and it brings a range of welcome fixes, including improved server stability, which aims to decrease the chances of corrupt saves. The full patch notes for this latest update are available below:

Valheim Xbox Patch Notes – Update 0.215.2

  • Improved server stability to decrease the chance of corrupt saves
  • Improved memory management to reduce crashes
  • Fixed issue with troll hide that was not correctly categorized as a trophy
  • Fixed issue with Fuling totems that were not correctly categorized as trophies
  • Fixed issue where Bonemass would sometimes spawn in the wrong location
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes spawn in an unintended location after defeating Bonemass
  • Fixed issue where the Draugr Fang bow would sometimes cause the game to crash
  • Fixed issue with the Fuling Berserker’s AI not attacking correctly
  • Various small tweaks and fixes to improve gameplay and stability

Valheim has quickly become one of the most popular games in the survival genre, thanks to its immersive world and engaging gameplay mechanics. The game has already sold over 7 million copies on PC, and its console debut on Xbox Game Pass is expected to attract even more players to its community.

As the development team continues to work on improving the game’s stability and fixing any issues that arise, fans of Valheim can look forward to a seamless gaming experience on Xbox Series X|S platforms.


Xbox Specific

* Improved stability and performance of world saving to decrease chance of saves being corrupted on microsoft store and xbox

* Save files that were corrupted as a result of incomplete file operations in cloud storage are detected and can no longer be started as empty worlds

* Fixed a bug where the time stamps of cloud saves were retrieved as UTC instead of local time.

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