Valorant; What It Is, How To Play It, Where To Download It And Why Footballers Play It

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The company Riot Games launched the free early access to this video game in April and it has already become a social phenomenon.

The ‘Battle Royale’ genre is all the rage in the world of video games. There were many pioneers in this style, such as the Arma II, DayZ or H1Z1, although the one that really broke the market was PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, which was officially released on December 21, 2017, on PC and Xbox One, it was playable with PC-only early access from several months before.

The truth is that PUBG burst the market, becoming the most played game on the Steam platform even above Counter-Strike, with peaks of more than a million people playing simultaneously … Fortnite, Apex, or Call later arrived. of Duty, but the new phenomenon is called Valorant.

But what is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play competitive tactical ‘Shooter’ mode video game for the PC that is played in two-team games with five characters each. During each game, players will be able to choose an agent with unique abilities that can affect the battlefield in different ways.

Agents have unique abilities that complement the shooting mechanic. This is a tactical element that helps to face each game round in a different way. The winner of Valorant is defined in a best of 24 rounds duel. During the first half, one team must defend a ‘spike’ or bomb that will detonate in a defined time after being placed while the other team attacks to defuse it. Later, in the second half, the roles change. To get more information about this, read Valorant news.


For which platforms is Valorant available?

Currently, the Valorant is only available in the Beta phase for PC. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for other platforms but its success has been such that it is likely that this will change soon.

How much does it cost?

The Valorant is a free video game for PC, so installing and playing it does not require money, although it does have micropayments in the form of cosmetics or cosmetic changes for the characters or weapons in the game. This form of financing is usually very successful for brands. Currently, the video game that raises the most money with microtransactions in cosmetics is League of Legends, also from Riot Games, with almost a billion dollars a year.

Where to download?

To this day, NOT EVERYONE can play Valorant. The new title from the parents of League of Legends launched its closed beta on April 7, 2020, at 2:00 p.m., limited to Europe, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and the United States.

Riot Games collaborates with Twitch with the promotion of the closed beta, so it has given details of how to get access to it in three steps:

– Create a Riot account
– Connect the Riot account with one of Twitch
– When the beta is activated, players must view the featured Valorant streams to have the option to enter the closed beta.


Why do football players play Valorant?

Since your departure. Valorant has been widely accepted by online players and that also involves many footballers. The fact that it can only be downloaded through a closed beta has made the game challenging even for celebrities. In addition, confinement due to the coronavirus has given footballers even more free time, who are looking for new ways to entertain themselves.

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