Valve Recommends Gamers to Buy Steam Decks Only From Official Retailers Only

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Steam Deck

The official account for Valve’s Steam Deck warns players that they should only buy the famous handheld gaming device from Steam or official retailers. Although there have been some little technical problems with the Steam Deck since its release last year, the rugged handheld device has been confirmed to be a huge hit with players looking to appreciate PC-only games on the go.

Released in North America and Europe in early 2022, with a release for Asia following in December of that year, the power to run over 7,000 compatible games on the Steam Deck has made it a huge success with gamers. Running on Valve’s Linux-based SteamOS, the Steam Deck can play even new PC titles thanks to its Proton compatibility layer which lets games run without needing users to tweak settings or config files. Although it is now fairly easy for gamers to buy a Steam Deck from Valve, the handheld device proved to be so famous upon release that throughout 2022 gamers often had to wait weeks or months for their Steam Deck order to arrive.

In a new tweet from the official Steam Deck Twitter account, Valve warns gamers that “the only official ways to purchase Steam Deck” are by ordering the device directly through Steam for North American and European customers or through their partner Komodo for customers in Asia. Closing the tweet with a warning that gamers should “please be careful,” Valve’s cautionary note seems intended to protect gamers from buying knock-offs of the handheld. Although a number of impressive Steam Deck competitors have been shown to be in development in recent months, there are also countless fake versions of the device for sale on many online marketplaces.

Poking fun at the proliferation of knockoff Steam Decks available for sale online, one popular response asked “Wait you guys are not selling it on Wish for 78% off?” Other responses came from frustrated gamers looking to buy Valve’s popular handheld device in countries where the Steam Deck is not officially available. Posting a screenshot of numerous Steam Decks for sale on Amazon, one gamer from Mexico stated that they had no option but to purchase the device from a third party, asking why Valve would choose to lose money to resellers. Gamers from Australia and New Zealand also entered the conversation, communicating their frustration at being unable to buy the Steam Deck in those countries.

It’s understandable that Valve wants to stop its fans from being scammed when trying to buy a Steam Deck, but its words of warning for would-be customers also highlighted the frustrations of gamers unable of buying the device due to region restrictions. For gamers unable to buy one in their home country, here’s hoping one of the new features of the next Steam Deck is more comprehensive availability.


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