Vampire Menstrual Pad Anyone?

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Vampire Menstrual Pad Anyone?

I don’t get the vampire thing, Never liked it and Twilight proved me right on so many levels or maybe I don’t like it cz I’m not a teenage girl or it could be that I don’t particularly like blood. I think blood is hella gross so I don’t really think getting my blood sucked as sexy. What I really don’t get is why you would want to combine your love of sexy emo boy vampires and your lady times. But, lucky for you if you do, Etsy has a reusable menstrual pad with a sexy, shirtless male vampire on it.

The blurb on the site says,

“It’s no secret that vampires need blood to survive – but they’ve taken their blood lust to a new level with these sexy vampire menstrual pads. Designed to take advantage of the Twilight / romantic vampire craze, these pads can keep a vampire fed for an entire week!”

YUCK! It does bring up an interesting point, though. I wonder if Bella in Twilight had to stay away from Edward during her time of the month since she was actively bleeding or if he was like, “Umm, no thanks.” with regard to her lady troubles. Also, a reusable menstrual pad? I know that people want to be environmentally friendly, but some stuff should just be thrown away and this thing considered as taking it too far, far, far away.


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