Vape Competitions: Picking Up Steam In The Mainstream

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It was back in 2004 that e-cigarettes started appearing in the Chinese market. It began as an alternative to the traditional combustible cigarette with no pizzazz about it. Over a decade and a half later, we now have multiple established companies that regularly saturate the market with innovative ideas for vape devices and liquids.

Public interest skyrocketed so much that there are many articles and video tutorials on how to mod your device available online. There are even tutorials on how to execute the nifty vape tricks seen in compilation videos. As vaping continues to become more of recreational and social activity, it comes as no surprise that the modding crowd has come up with ways to compete with their newly optimized toys – namely, vaping competitions.

What better way to pit your e-liquid, mod, and tank combination (commonly called a vape setup) against other enthusiasts’ than by comparing clouds? Now, throw skills and creativity into the mix and you’ve got all the makings of a viral event. There are various categories for these competitions, but as a whole but they have one thing in common, and it’s that clouds are key. Thus, participants are aptly called “cloud chasers.”

What are The Most Common Forms of Vape Competition?

The competitive vaping phenomenon hasn’t picked up enough steam to have created too many full-time vaping pros, but competitions are getting more generous sponsors and posting bigger and bigger cash prizes. What does it take to win, you ask? Let’s take a look at the two most popular types of competition out there today.

Basic Vape Competitions typically follow the same format; two competitors stand with their backs to each other and each blow the largest, most dense cloud they can when cued. Sometimes there’s an assistant who measures cloud size with a yardstick, but competitions have begun having competitors stand back-to-back in front of signage with pre-made distance markers. The second method seems to be the most reliable since it allows for video replays to ensure the highest possible degree of accuracy.

Extreme Vaping Competitions aren’t quite as simple. These focus on vape tricks so competitions can vary significantly in terms of judging, rules, and general competition format. The guidelines must be spelled out in significant detail for each event.  Since this type of competition is highly subjective, the competitors are usually made to go one at a time. Scoring is based on the difficulty of the tricks, overall execution, creativity, uniqueness, and style. Some opt to execute more “classic” tricks they’ve perfected, while others focus more on innovation and personal flair.

Due to the growing vape community, there are now a number of well-populated vaping circuits (like the Canadian Cloud Circuit) and even international competitions, like the annual International Cloud Championship that’s held in California and the World Series of Vaping competition which will take place during the VapeExpo in Moscow late this year.

Just The Beginning

Though cloud chasing is nowhere near as financially backed or populated as the world of professional gaming, keep in mind that it’s still in its relative infancy. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with better mod and tank combinations that are able to create increasingly dense clouds, with no special inhalation techniques needed. This will only serve to ramp up the complexity of competitions and push enthusiasts toward further innovation and higher levels of skills to stay above the rest.


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