Variety of Themes, Subjects and Playing Styles in Games

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Red Dead Redemption

Since the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, Video games have come on leaps and bounds and covered a huge variety of themes, subjects and playing styles including Gambling. We have watched as gaming companies have either overtly or subtly thrown Casino and Poker gaming halls or Spread betting and Trading references into our favorite releases and we thought it was about time we revealed a few of our favorite and a few that are yet to come out.

GTA III, GTA San Andreas and GTA: Liberty City Stories:

We are almost positive that all of you have at least heard about Grand Theft Auto if you haven’t played it for yourself and most gaming fans will agree that this series has had huge success on a Global scale. The most recent GTA V even reached the top-ten sales charts in 2015! Throughout several of the episodes, players will find themselves either able to interact with a gambling institute or even play a few games, from Kenji’s Casino that featured in GTA III all the way through to the ‘Volatile Situation’ mission in Liberty City Stories that requires you to defend a casino. Rumors of a casino module being implemented into GTA V and other series favorites have yet to be confirmed but have not been dismissed either.

Red Dead Redemption:

Stuffed with a whole heap of gambling mini-games and betting side games, this award-winning old-western shoot-em up allows you to dabble in Poker, Blackjack, Horseshoes, Liar’s Dice and even make a buck on arm-wrestling with as the main character, Marston. These gambling additions are, for the most part, spread across both the Single Player and Multiplayer modes and even help towards the unlocking of various items within the main game.

Poker Night 2:

While it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the subject of this next Title, it was released a sequel to the PC/Mac video game Poker Night at the Inventory and first saw release back in 2013 on both the Xbox and PlayStation and more recently on iOS. Offering players’ both Hold’Em and Omaha, it is a true immersion into the Poker World that even includes unlockable content for both Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2.

Pure Hold ‘Em

Arguably the most pure-play Gambling game in our list and our most recent addition, it was released on both the PS4 and Xbox and includes multiplayer options of up to 8 friends to join. While it does what it says on the tin, it’s cold and ruthless style has led many to criticize the apparent lack of visible AI and interaction, although hardcore fans will undoubtedly not care about this as much.

Yakuza Zero:

Perhaps we’ve saved the weirdest for last, this game is yet to be released in Europe and doesn’t even offer English subtitles, but Yakuza Zero fits the GTA-style crime theme down to a tee and you are forced to take on rival gangs and complete missions to progress in the game. The gambling influence comes where you can bet on Catfights using the timeless Rock/Paper/Scissors game and any winning combo will allow you to change the moves your character performs. While seemingly anime in its’ depiction, the betting style is rather fun and makes for an altogether enjoyable mini-game.

So that’s our list so stay tuned for more great options, share your own, or try your hand at a few betting games or spread betting sites like City Index yourself to really appreciate what is on offer.


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