Venture Into a Dark World in ETERNAL HOPE

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Doublehit Games game Eternal Hope is coming out in some month’s time. In this upcoming Ghibli-inspired puzzle-platformer is set to release on PC via Steam on August 6th and it will be coming out on Xbox One later this year. In this game, you will be set out on a journey to meet with your loved one who has recently past by facing the threats within both dimensions.

Filled with gorgeous environments and a moving storyline, players will take on the story of Ti’bi, a boy who must move between two dimensions in search of his lost love’s soul. Starting on a journey packed with an everlasting love and steadfast hope, players will use inspiration and quick-on-their-feet thinking to find smart ways to win the many obstacles and puzzles in their way.

Their announcement trailer is can be seen below and it will show you glimpses of both gameplay and the storyline, but it sets up the rich question this game is trying to ask you. How far are you willing to go to be with your loved ones?


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