VGA Remakes Available Free Now for Classic SIERRA Games

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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, is available better than ever with a hybrid interactive system that provides for open text input as well as providing text options for the player. Surprisingly, certain bonus game interactions can only be triggered by the correct use of the text input interface, but I imagine that the game can be completed without those interactions just fine.

AGD Interactive.PNG

This game, as well as others (King’s Quest 1-3 VGA), can be accessed and downloaded legally at the AGD webpage. Although AGD has made some original games of its own, the art style has never been to my liking; however, the puzzles have been up to snuff as far as to point and click adventures tend to go. If you could never stomach the tedious nature of trying to win Quest for Glory II EGA, now is your chance to play through with new unlocks previously unavailable (spells), enhanced combat, and better graphics that match the rest of the QFG Anthology regularly available on platforms like GOG games and Steam.

Here is the link to QFG II, a simple google search will provide links to each of the other games.

It is also worth noting that Space Quest II VGA is available through this link here, made by a different group as AGD never finished the remake.


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