Video Game Effects on the Human Brain

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Video games are very popular among people of any age. Due to our pace of technical development, this trend is only gaining momentum. Children and adults tend to choose computer games as a remedy for stress release. The play to get rid of boredom or to have a rest from work or studies.

Games change mindset and mood as well as help to relax. Due to the constant growth of demand, scientists held research on how video games affect the brain.

It was discovered that games can cause changes in plenty of brain regions. The research discovered structural changes in the brain cortex along with changes in its functioning and behavior.


How video games affect the brain:


Attention increase. You have to concentrate during a game, or you risk losing. Some types of attention get improved, for example, selective and sustained. Gamers’ brain regions which are in charge of attention are more effective than those that belong to people who do not play at all. Gamers need fewer efforts for maintaining concentration on different tasks.


Size increase. Playing games, you enlarge the size and the quality of the brain regions which are responsible for visuospatial function (an ability to make out a visual and spatial position between objects). Those, who have been training long playing games, have an enlarged right hippocampus.


Memory improvement. Developing games help to improve memory. They have an especially significant influence on short-time memory. The positive effect will last approximately six months after the end of the training.


Disease prevention. Computer games can help anyone who wants to be healthy. Strategies, as it turned out, improve brain activity for senior citizens and can provide protection from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Also, little training can reverse the process of brain reduction.


Stress release. It is known that stress affects the work of the brain quite negatively. Video games help to get rid of stress improving memory and speed of brain functions.


You can make money on games. The esports industry had a significant development in the last 10 years and has already overcome many classical sports in many terms (a viewership, prizes at tournaments). Not only esportsmen but a wide range of other specialists, starting from programmers and system administrators and ending with psychologists and physical therapists, can find themselves in this industry and earn big money.

Games proved their value in the destruction of stress, improvement of brain functioning, disease treatment despite the fact that they are means of amusement. But there is always the other side of the story. Spending a lot of time on games may influence both children and adults negatively. Talking about children, it can lead to a bad effect on academic progress. Adults risk losing their jobs. Not mentioning visual deterioration, overpressure, and social isolation.

All in good measure. Play for anti-aging occasionally, do not go overboard. Good luck with your virtual adventures!


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