Video Games Are Recommended for Everyone

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Video games are not the preserve of children. The little ones may seem to be more fascinated by them but many people are waking up to the realization that gaming is beneficial to everyone. The assumption long held that video games are the cause of many health issues is slowly being discarded.

In What Ways Are Video Games Good for You?

Another assumption is that video games cause enthusiasts to be violent and interfere with their ability to learn. Many researchers are coming up with findings that discard that notion. Video games are actually good for you. Additionally, there is a lot of information about video games online. For instance, check popular WordPress themes here. However, nothing justifies being hooked to them all day. You must figure out how long you need to indulge.

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Games are good for you for the following reasons:

  1. Slow Down the Aging Process

Everyone will get older, of course, but no one wants it to happen too fast. Playing video games keeps your brain engaged thus giving it much needed exercise. The brain also needs to work out to stay in shape. Playing video games is one way to ensure that happens. Figuring out how to escape traps or to get over hurdles in order to win will give your brain a nice workout.

  1. Video Games Help with Decision Making

Games which involve viewing and keeping track of fast-moving images in action video games help our brains to receive sensory cues and therefore maintain the ability to be decisive in tense situations. There is nothing like racing towards a barrier and needing to think on your feet what to do or where to go to avoid hitting the barrier. It gives you good practice for when you need to make instant decisions.

  1. Games Help to Sharpen Your Eyesight

This one will definitely raise a few eyebrows. The commonly held belief is that video games are bad for the eyes. A brilliant screen and unblinking eyes may seem like strange bedfellows, but research indicates that may not be so.

A study carried out in 2009 by a team from the University of Rochester shows that gamers who played a fast-paced game like Call of Duty had better eyesight than those who played a slower paced game. Learn more from Video Games WordPress Themes.

Playing action games works positively on the contrast sensitivity function which helps in distinguish between shades of gray on a backdrop of many colors. This ability is crucial when driving at night.

  1. Games May Help to Focus Your Attention

While it is possible to have children only thinking about their next video game in the classroom, games are also known to help you with attention issues. Spending some time playing a video game requires you to focus on the games and allow everything else to fade into the background. This helps to improve not only your perception but also cognition and attention.

While research is ongoing, there is no doubt that playing a video game once in a while has a lot of benefits even for the elderly. Aside from staying entertained and engaged, the games also help us mentally as well as physically.


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