Video Games Coming Out in December 2017

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Hello Neighbor

2017 was a very good year for gaming with a lot of attractive titles that were launched and quite the right amount of sequels and prequels that saw the light of day. But even so, there’s no point in talking like the years is over. There’s a full month ahead of us and not any ordinary month, oh no. It’s the month of presents, with Christmas and all the holidays packed in it. So it’s just natural that game providers have something big stored for us. Here are the games that will be launched in December.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Horizon Zero Dawn was already a smashing success in the short time since its launch. Then the expansion pack for it also enjoyed tremendous fame and the release of The Frozen Wilds really took everything to another level. Apparently, the guys from Guerrilla Games decided to pack the base game and the expansion and offer it on a plate as the perfect Christmas gift. It will be launched on December fifth so there’s plenty of time for holiday shopping.

The Walking Dead Collection

It may just be a coincidence that The Walking Dead Collection also launched on the 5th of December, however, that doesn’t mean the date is not at least as important for gamers as Christmas for religious people. The box Telltale will launch in December will contain all the 19 episodes of The Walking Dead, nicely packed and wrapped in red wrapping to make the perfect gift. When you add the fact that all the older episodes have been enhanced from a graphical point of view, you just might not need Christmas after all. The month of December might as well end on the 5th because it will do so for a lot of The Walking Dead fans. The ones that are also huge fans of Heart Casino might find it hard to choose between the two, though.


Hello Neighbour

This is an excellent idea for a video game and we can hardly wait for the 6th of December for it to see daylight. The plot is that you move into a new house in a friendly suburb when, suddenly, you notice your neighbor hiding something in his basement. You must check his house and find out what that is but little did you know that this will plunge you into a series of adventures and unwanted situations. It offers amazingly crafter stealth horror, some very nice programmed procedural AI, and graphics to die for. Seriously, if you look closely you can actually swear it’s something released by Pixar.


Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition

Without giving it too much thought, it just might be that 2017 was the best year for horror games. A massive amount of new titles or sequels of already very successful series were launched, and they literally killed the competition. This is the case with the Gold Edition of Resident Evil that proposes to give fans something new right before the holidays.


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