Video: Movie Fan Misses Video Stores a Lot So He Build One For Himself

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Going to the video store to rent movies was one entertaining thing to do back in the day. While it’s much more comfortable to watch movies these days with all the streaming services coming out all the time, I still do miss going to the video store.

There’s one movie fan that wants it so much at the that he actually turned his basement into a replica of a 1980s video store. The person who builds this is the same guy behind online video store Nostalgia Video.

Check out, all of the VHS tapes are stacked skillfully on display shelves and even feature movie-size boxes of candy. He reveals why he decided to build his video store.

Nostalgia Video is a 100% online video store that has been built from the ground up right in my basement. Nostalgia Video’s goal is to use social media as a way to connect people all over the world, to share the warm memories of yesteryear, and ensure the nostalgic feelings of years gone by, live on forever.

Check out a video tour of the basement below:

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