Is Video Streaming The Future of Gaming?

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 Video Streaming

Gaming has always been something of a social experience. From a young age, kids would crowd around a screen to watch each other play the latest game releases and when online games came out, gamers from opposite sides of the world could play on the same team. Gaming has even been the basis of many modern day marriages. So, when video streaming technology became available, games became one of the most popular content categories.

Video streaming plays an important role in the gaming landscape. It allows players to play, criticize, praise and share games with friends and strangers. The ‘Let’s Play’ category has the most videos out of any category and every second many more videos are being uploaded and streamed. Recording and live streaming are even responsible for online gaming celebrities like Pewdiepie, Markiplier and The Completionist. Streaming games have become such a big part of the industry that it has become a source of income for more than a few gamers. For the game designers as well, video streaming gives them a leg up in the market and helps them compete against hugely popular games. The Five Nights at Freddy’s games, which summoned a cult following and have become hugely popular, might not have been as successful as they are without the help of players streaming their play troughs and reactions to the jump scares.

Amateur video streamers and all of the big name streamers on YouTube and Twitch played the games for their fans, which inspired them to play the games themselves. So, video streaming played a key role in the first indie game’s success – and the games that followed inspired fan games, novels, comics, toys and even a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. Even online casinos have also caught up on the trend and are integrating video streaming technology into their games. One of the most notable ways they are doing this is in their live casino games where players can play the games they love with a real dealer on the other side of the computer screen. MMini-casinos are set up specifically for streaming and dealers can chat and play against online players live, giving the game additional realism.

Conversely, developers that are denying players the right to stream and share content are seeing some detrimental effects. Not too long ago, the game developers behind one of the most recent games, Persona 5, told of their plans to ban all streaming and screenshots of the games being put online. Fans were outraged and many gamers as a result of this decision categorically refused to buy the game. To some fans, this ban seemed like a form of betrayal. For people that can’t afford these games, watching videos is their only way to enjoy them.

Other players watch the videos to make sure the games are decent before they buy them and the debacle involving No Man’s Sky is a good example of streamers saving the day. This was not a cheap game when it came out and the advertising of it and press had fans convinced it was going to be fantastic. Then, when it finally came out, it was somewhat less than players expected it to be and it was by watching videos of the game being played that fans were able to avoid spending money on a game that wasn’t worth the price.

In conclusion, streaming plays a big role in games now and will likely continue to in the future. It’s pretty fair to expect in which case that even more gaming platforms adding unique video streaming features and capabilities to make the content more appealing.


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