VideoDuke Best Video Downloader For Mac in 2021

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Video downloaders are a thing for the past couple of years, Not everyone can stream whenever they want to so people most of the time, download the videos which they want to watch and watch it in their downtime when commuting, or in a place with bad internet access, there are plenty of downloaders in the market but there are few which can do the job you bought them for and even less which can do it well. Twitch is relatively a new social space but it has a huge viewer base, who likes to watch videos and sometimes save it for later watching or when you actually play the game yourself and need tips from the video, I use this Twitch video downloader to watch game videos when I’m on a train so I don’t have to waste my bandwidth and I can use it without the pain of buffering, it just saves time and money. So let’s get started and explain how this works.


Let Me Tell You What VideoDuke Really Is.

VideoDuke is a video downloader that enables you to download the video content onto your phone or on the computer for later viewing. and you can do that with your mind at ease you won’t get shady malware which you get by visiting some of the most questionable websites in order to download your video, which can compromise your computer. So you don’t want to go to such portals just to download YouTube or Twitch videos. Now let me explain what this software has to offer.


How to Get Videos on Mac

  1. All you need to do is copy and paste the video’s URL into VideoDuke’s search area.
  2. Then click the “Search,” button and the video will be revealed in the “Video” tab.
  3. Click “Download,” and your video will be downloaded to your default or set folder for VideoDuke.
  4. You can modify where your Mac video download is stored by heading to the Settings> Save Downloaded Files As.


You Can Have Videos From YouTube And More

In VideoDuke, you will have quick access to download whole channels or YouTube playlists in multiple video qualities including 4K. This is not it, Yuu will be able to save the files like 3GP, MP4, M4V, FLV, and as I mentioned in multiple video formats: 360p, HD 720p, HD 1080p, 4K. With this software, you can download videos that are embedded through HTML5, and even the ones which are being streamed via RTMP.

VideoDuke is not only working on YouTube you can use it on multiple social services, like Twitter, Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, VEVO, to name a few.

You Can Even Download MP3s

If you want to carry YouTube videos as audio files, you can even do that. There is no conversion – you just download the soundtrack rather than the full video, if you want to just listen to the video and not watch it, it will be like a podcast. You will be able to save files in a variety of formats including WebM, MP3, and other audio formats.


Download all media files from the URL

You can also use VideoDuke as your video URL downloader, The software smart Advanced mode shows you all the resources which are downloaded by the web page – for instance, video, audio, images, closed captions, and more – letting you decide to download everything or just the things you wanted. All you have to do is click the download video link or copy and paste the video URL to begin downloading.

You also have the option to add VideoDuke into your browser to be able to save the video clips from any content you please. You need to select “Integrate into Browser” and move the quick link to the favorites in the browser. VideoDuke is a smart software and it is liberating in many ways you can download it from various different social media platforms and to the format you like, it is space-saving and will save you money in data charges.

You will also get technical support from VideoDuke whatever that might be, they have a trained staff who will guide you with the software and the problems if some arise.


How Much Will It Cost

There are a few options to purchase this software, and before buying anything you will get the option to download two videos for free using VideoDuke, just to give you a tour and taste of the software.

Subscriptions options are as follows:

  • Personal License $19.95
  • Family Pack (for 3 Macs) $39.95

And there are few more options if you like to fancy:

Additional support offers

  • Lifetime Upgrades $9.95
  •  Urgent Support Plan $15.00 / year

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