Viewsonic ‘Designed for Xbox’ Projector Comes To US Next Month

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Viewsonic ‘Designed for Xbox’ Projector

Viewsonic, a renowned electronics manufacturer, has unveiled the X2-4K LED projector, a groundbreaking device that has achieved the prestigious distinction of being certified for Xbox compatibility. Set to hit the US market in July with a price tag of $1,599.99, this cutting-edge projector promises an exceptional gaming experience for enthusiasts.

Initially announced in March, alongside its non-short throw counterpart, the X1-4K, which is currently not available on Viewsonic’s US store, the X2-4K has generated significant anticipation among gaming enthusiasts.

While other projectors can connect to an Xbox console, Viewsonic proudly presents the X2-4K as a genuine gaming projector, specially designed for console gaming. The company’s senior business line manager, Mia Shen, asserts that the X2-4K projector underwent an extensive testing process in collaboration with Team Xbox, consisting of 63 tests, to ensure unparalleled compatibility with gaming consoles. The X2-4K has received certification for HDMI’s Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) standard, enabling connected consoles to control various projector features, including power and volume. It’s important to note that this compatibility extends beyond Xbox consoles to include other gaming platforms.

Not only does the X2-4K offer top-tier functionality, but it also boasts an aesthetic design that aligns with the Xbox brand. Adorned in the signature black and green color scheme associated with Xbox, the X2-4K is a visual complement to your Xbox Series X console (unfortunately, it may not perfectly match the white Series S variant). Viewsonic also hints at “Xbox exclusive resolution and refresh rate combinations,” although specific details about this feature remain undisclosed.

In terms of specifications, Viewsonic claims that the X2-4K can deliver an impressive 100-inch display when positioned just 1.5 meters (approximately five feet) away from the projection surface. With a brightness rating of 2,900 lumens, the X2-4K ensures vibrant and captivating visuals. However, it’s worth mentioning that when using the ANSI measurement, an industry standard, the brightness rating drops to 2,150 lumens, as pointed out by Gizmodo.

The X2-4K comes equipped with two HDMI ports and features a pair of 6W Harmon Kardon-branded speakers. It’s worth noting that the HDMI ports adhere to the 2.0 standard, rather than the more recent 2.1 standard. Additionally, when displaying 4K content, the projector’s maximum framerate is capped at 60Hz. To experience compatible Xbox games at 120Hz, users will need to reduce the projector’s resolution to 1440p. However, considering the scarcity of games capable of fully utilizing the console’s maximum resolution and framerate simultaneously, this limitation may not significantly impact most users. Alternatively, the X2-4K can achieve a refresh rate of 240Hz when operating at a resolution of 1080p, offering a smooth gaming experience for those willing to compromise on resolution.

Viewsonic’s X2-4K LED projector is poised to revolutionize gaming on the big screen. With its Xbox certification, remarkable display capabilities, and immersive features, it’s set to captivate the hearts of avid gamers. As the release date approaches, enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to bring the world of Xbox gaming to life in their own homes.

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