Vin Diesel On a Dinosaur in Ark 2 Trailer

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Ark 2

Vin Diesel made an impact at the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase as part of a new trailer for Ark 2. The sequel to the hit survival game revealed its collaboration with Vin in its first debut, but the star looks even more at home riding atop a T-Rex while illustrated in caveman garb.

As for the game itself, this trailer proved a delay into 2023 to the masses, but the media crossover should connect over fans until then. Unlike many of today’s trailers, Ark 2 was a cinematic look at the game, so any upgrades and expansions are still rumors for now.

Ark 2 is confirmed for a release on Xbox Game Pass, as well as console exclusivity on Series X|S. PlayStation owners will have to play on PC or wait a bit to get the game on.


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