Vintage VOLTRON Castle of Lions Turned Into an Epic Gaming PC Case

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Epic Gaming PC Case

He finds this amazing vintage 1984 Voltron Castle of Lions toy in his mom’s attic and this fan of the series was excited to transform it into an amazing PC case. This is one of the most awesome custom gaming PC cases that you will ever see, check out the images below.

There are some amazing cool details that you’ll really love about. The computer is powered on by opening the jaws of the Black Lion, who you’ll see coming out from the front of the castle to get to the power button.

The entire PC is built into the middle of the castle, with a wing that opens on each side. The wing on the left opens to expose the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red Lion M.2 SSD cards and Yeston RX550 GPU, and the right side opens to reveal the Gigabyte H370N motherboard (with onboard Black Lion M.2 SDD) and two Corsair Dominator 8GB RAM sticks. The Dominator RAM was chosen specifically “for the ability to individually address the lights for the colors of Voltron (RGBY) and went with pink for the 5th color to represent Princess Allura.”

Epic Gaming PC Case Epic Gaming PC Case Epic Gaming PC Case Epic Gaming PC Case Epic Gaming PC Case


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