These Viral Games Are Dominating the Internet

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Nowadays, it is hard to choose from the thousands of games that are released every day, and it can leave you overwhelmed and unsure of what to play. If you own a smartphone or laptop, chances are you have a few gaming favorites already downloaded or saved to your bookmarks but have you tried out any of these viral games taking the internet by storm?

Whether it is competitive gaming, exciting adventures, or simulations that you fancy, these are the most entertaining chart-toppers available:

1. Crashlands



Debuted last year, Crashlands has already made its mark among the best of online gaming. With a release on both mobile and PC platforms, it was awarded ‘Best Game of the Year’ in 2016 by TouchArcade and Gamezebo, and even topped Time’s list of ‘Top 10 Games of 2016’.

After crash-landing on an alien planet, you take on the role of Flux, a space trucker bent on making her intergalactic deliveries on time by building a base, overcoming quests, and blasting her way through the evil planet. With plenty of cool inventory quirks, characters, and leveling up features, Crashlands provides some addictive, intense and action-packed fun for your day.

2. Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead: The Game

Originally released as five episodes back in 2012, Walking Dead: The Game puts players in the role of Lee Everett, a convict being transported to prison on the day that the events of the apocalyptic television show began. After a nerve-wracking run-in with zombies, he helps rescue a little girl named Clementine and takes up the role of her guardian.

Players get to experience life through the eyes of the characters as they travel through each episode and meet strangers along the way, survive the wrath of the dead and experience an intense range of emotions as the story deepens with each episode. As you go through each phase, you have to make tough decisions that affect your entire gaming experiences. The Walking Dead’s gameplay is simple enough for just about everyone to be able to enjoy with its point and click mechanics and compelling comic-book style.

3. Betfair

This award-winning gaming experience is a must for fans of the classics. Betfair was launched in 2000 and is now one of the largest and most diverse betting exchanges available online. Slots, a life-like casino, arcades, card games and all the traditional favorites make this platform and its large variety of gaming options enjoyable for pretty much every kind of player. With added bonuses, it is even easier to reap benefits from the game of your choosing and play for real money or play money. The platform also provides plenty of exclusive features such as a VIP club, a smooth interface, free spins – and they will even double your first casino deposit with up to £400 in free bets to give you a strong start. If you are a fan of iGaming, Betfair games are a great fit.

4. Adventures Of Baki

Adventures Of Baki


Adventures of Baki is an indie platform full of puzzles and mind-boggling amusement. Your character is an adorable monster that has to solve its way through risky puzzles in order to win back the fruits that were stolen by its evil counterparts. This game is guaranteed to give you addictive, quick fun as you wait for your next train or relax on your work break. Collect fruits, diamonds, and fight other monsters to continue on your adventure and earn the highest score. With tons of gameplay without the fuss, solving your way through puzzles that only get more and more challenging is a delightful way to spend that much-needed downtime.

5. Hearthstone


Blizzard, one of the masters of sci-fi and fantasy, bring us HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft, an award-winning, action-packed, card dueling game.

Featuring all our favorite characters from the Warcraft RPG, this game lets build your own decks with beautifully designed characters, enter duels against players online, and earn stronger and more fearsome cards to add to your collection. As you win, your rewards begin to grow. Even if you are not in the mood for a full-blown online session, you can always just make your way into the arena and fight against bots. Addictive, intense and well-crafted, HearthStone is the perfect gaming experience for the competitor in you.


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