The Volkswagen Panel Van Cooler

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The Volkswagen Panel Van Cooler

This is the ice chest that pays homage to the classic Volkswagen Sunroof Deluxe while ensuring its contents as well as its owner stay cool.

It faithfully reproduces the same trim details of an early Samba model that became an iconic symbol of the free-spirited 1960s, including the originals eight panoramic roof windows, fabric sunroof, and two-colored paint scheme.

An overhanging hat (that previously shielded a drivers eyes from the sun) runs around the coolers entire top, providing an easy grip for retrieving ones preferred beverage from a spacious interior with 3/4″ of insulation that holds up to 24 16-oz. bottles and ice.

Made from pressed steel, the cooler has a telescoping 24″-long handle pulls the cooler along on its 8″-diameter rubber tires, allowing you to steer the coolers front wheels into just the right spot next to a lawn blanket. Integrated drain hole in the rear.

The Volkswagen Panel Van Cooler


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