VR Tech Is Now Used In Online Gambling!

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VR Tech in Gambling

It may not just yet have become a household staple, but Virtual Reality is looking set to dominate the next generation of household entertainment. Not only is the actual hardware required to deliver an immersive VR experience becoming ever cheaper, but at the same time, it’s becoming much more powerful. This could have massive implications for the online gambling industry, and it wouldn’t be the first time that gaming has taken the lead in introducing new technology to the mainstream market.

However, the early days of VR gambling are already with us. There’s a number of sites already configured specifically to cater for Virtual Reality, and rumor has it that pretty much all of the major gaming sites are investing huge sums in developing VR compatibility with their most popular games. It’s safe to say that before too long fans of 7 Sultans Online Casino will be able to enjoy their favorite slots and games in full VR.

Following this, it’s inevitable that the 7sultans iPhone app will also become integrated into portable VR readiness too. All said it’s interesting times for gamblers looking for a new way to enjoy the best games on the market, and here are a few reasons why people ought to be very excited indeed.


Virtual Reality Will Unlock Social Gambling

It’s no secret that the great frustration of the online casino trade has seemingly forever been trying to bring a social element to playing games. Given how incredibly popular casino games have become over the last few years it’s remarkable how the social element has still to pick up any serious traction. Many of the leading online casinos have invested huge amounts trying to encourage a social element with their operations – and so far all have failed.

Virtual Reality offers a potential means of finally solving this conundrum. It’s already clear in early prototypes and leaks from some of the major game developers that making a virtual casino experience is the ultimate ambition. This involves players not just enjoying games in a real-time, virtual environment but also being able to interact and chat off the table. Every online casino wants its players to feel like they’re a part of a social club – just like that experienced in many bricks and mortar casinos. VR offers the potential to actually make this finally happen.


VR Is Going To Be Household Tech Very Soon

Not many people have everyday access to domestic quality VR just yet – at time of writing it’s still a very emergent technology, albeit one with incredible potential. However, it’s important to note that it’s not just the gambling industry investing heavily in making sure this tech becomes widespread over the coming decade or so. In fact, it’s the entire entertainment industry – a combined investment running into the billions of dollars – that is fueling the whole industry. So much has been invested that it’s pretty much unthinkable that VR will actually fail.


Current Progress Is Very Positive!

As mentioned there are already quite a few online casinos dedicated to using VR technology. So far the most impressive development has been in slots, allowing players to press virtual buttons in real-time play just as they would in a real-world casino. Slots are the obvious place to start as the integration is quite straightforward, but expect to see more complex games such as roulette and even card games be developed in the very near future.

Being able to interact with other players while shooting craps may be a little further down the line, but you can bet that plenty of effort is being put into making these games a reality in the very near future. After all, getting players to interact around a virtual gaming Pit is what it’s all about – and by the looks of things the future is very bright indeed.

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