Walking Bicycle Club – Japan

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WBC comes with three wheels and is also equipped with an electric motor that is responsible for helping the cyclist while going up a hill. The bike weighs about 36 pounds and is about 3.3 feet in length. The group that came up with the design is known as Katayama Kogyo says it wanted to create a new experience that would be the combination of walking at the speed of cycling.


It is quite apparent that the group has achieved what it was working on as the bike is capable of reaching speeds of 24 Km/hr and is capable of doing 20 miles on a single charge. The Walking Bicycle Club is being promoted in Japan as the new means of transportation for the mobility that is sustainable and trendy. This particular bike is safer when compared to conventional bike because you can simply stop and hop off in case of an emergency.

Although this bike won’t be phasing out the conventional bike anytime soon but as far as speculations go, this one will sure be a success in Japan with a price of $2,800 and launch scheduled for October this year.


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