Wall Scrabble – The Most Enjoyable Scrabble Ever

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Wall Scrabble

The most fan favorite game Scrabble is now climbed on the wall and it looks amazing, Now you can enjoy it with your friends at a party, This version turned Scrabble from a serious board game to a party piece. If you have extra $1500 which you don’t want to blow on last years fashion then you have buy this and enjoy it for life! (Only boys can understand this part)

Made by Restoration Hardware, it’s a giant Scrabble that lets you move the game from the coffee table to a prominent area of the wall.  That way, girls can marvel at your ability to come up with obscure words that contain high-score letters like a boss, hopefully ending the drought that’s cursed your dating life for the past couple of months (I know, it’s been years, but we’re trying to be nice).

Wall Scrabble

The Wall Scrabble is a dramatically-oversized version of the classic board game, with colors and vintage graphics that stay faithful to the original 1949 edition.  Since you’re playing the game vertically, it uses a magnetic game board and game pieces, so you simply slap each tile onto a square without having them move out of place.  It comes with four tile racks (also magnetic) for four-person play, with chalkboard backs so people can write their names on it.  Set measures 80 x 59 x 3 inches (w x h x d).

An integrated chalkboard on the side of the board allows players to easily keep track of the scores, with a removable pouch right under it for housing the tiles when you’re not playing.  Construction is solid wood for the frame, trim, tiles, and racks, rendering it as decorative as it is fun to play.

Available now, the Wall Scrabble retails for $1,495.


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