Walmart is Also Getting Into Game Streaming

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According to a new report from USGamer, The retail giant Walmart might be looking to get into the game streaming bandwagon. Walmart is not new at the game and trying to become more important in different aspects of gaming as it has adopted many things from different businesses over the years including pre-orders and used game sales. Walmart has also been selling other avenues of digital distribution over the years with services like VUDU so a leap to game streaming really isn’t too unfeasible. During this week’s GDC event Walmart has been said to be in talks with several developers over this very service. Google’s new streaming service Stadia was also revealed at this week’s GDC and it looks great for future gaming.

Streaming seems to be the hot topic right now in the world of gaming and gamers are happy with all the competition and it makes sense to me that Walmart wants to get on it as well and cash in. Whether or not all these streaming services ever amount to anything will be an interesting discussion in a year’s time when more info gets released and we get to know what we are getting into actually.

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