Warframe Plains of Eidolon Launch Trailer Released

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Warframe Plains of Eidolon

Digital Extremes have released the new DLC for the previously launched free to play co-operative third-person shooter Warframe. The new expansion is called Plains of Eidolon that brings a massive, 2.5 x 2.5-kilometre area to the game for you to search packed with strange creatures, enemies, and some nasty surprises. For every 100 minutes of sunshine, there are 50 minutes of the haunted night. The new expansion is once again free to download and is now available.

Danielle Sokolowski Sr. Explains about the new Warframe open zone expansion :

So, just what is Plains of Eidolon? Let’s do a little rewind first. At launch, Warframe was a small Beta game with just a few procedurally generated maps and a few Warframes. In the early days of Warframe, the developers would often describe it as the hyper sci-fi version of other established cooperative survival shooters. It was simple and modest, especially when compared to what it is now, but even so many were drawn to download it. In fact, after Netflix, it was the second most downloaded app on PS4. But it left a lot to be desired – both in content and direction.

During the next four years, Warframe grew. It has become a massive game, packed with thousands of hours of gameplay with MMO and action-RPG aspects, but without ever falling distinctly into either genre. This cooperative action game for 1-4 players (and 8 players in Trial missions) now offers 34 Warframes, each with their own unique aesthetic and Abilities, two significant cinematic quests (The Second Dream and The War Within), the addition of a new Parkour movement system, a new Melee combat system, a new Focus and Operator system, a fully reworked interface and Star Chart, a flight system called Archwing, a fully Remastered Earth tileset, dozens of new story quests, and a lot more



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