Warframe The War Within Teaser Trailer Unveiled

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Warframe The War Within

Warframe The War Within will be releasing shortly on PS4 and Xbox One. New update, which adds a whole new chapter of content together with new enemies, weapons and armour, Check out the latest teaser trailer below.

The latest Warframe update is a major release and will also bring with it lots of game enhancements, tweaks and improvements. Digital extremes Explains a little more about what you can expect from the highly anticipated update:

This chapter tells a story of your patience, our gratitude, and of course some wonderful evolution for the game. We’re introducing an awe inspiring and dangerous environment: the Kuva Fortress. We’re pushing our engine technology to bring you graphic improvements. We’re bringing you a story about your past.

The War Within is also a reflection of lessons for us on how to feed, respect, and tame the growing animal that is Warframe. This update’s name has outgrown itself and it represents something bigger. If you asked any of us 4 years ago what we expected to happen with this project, none of us would believe you if you showed us this day.

You think you’re safe behind this metal, but you’re not. Amid all chaos, a mysterious enemy has emerged bent on the destruction of all Tenno. What secrets does the Grineer Empire keep? Underpowered, unprepared and forced out of your comfort, you must find it in yourself to improvise, not just to save yourself but save the fate of all Tenno. But be mindful, as there will be meaningful consequences to your actions.


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