WARTALES 4th Region Now on Early Access

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Wartales is an incredible open-world tactical RPG by Shiro Games, the French indie developer behind Northgard and Evoland. As this mercenary managing game is now residing in Steam’s Early Access, it’s thrilling to see forward progress as the developers reveal a new region for players to probe. With this new region comes a slew of other features for ready adventurers.

The Forsaken village is one of these features, which gamers must explore stealthily unless they wish to be attacked by the latest enemies. The plague-ridden are poor souls lost to the corruption of the plague and seem very much based on the zombie stereotypes. Hordes of them wander the land and cannot be eliminated, so the player must flee to escape certain death. Some new rules for war, such as “last X turns”/”Reach the escape point” really add to the desperation that players will be sure to face in this update. Along with these great additions, a new level limit, camp items and recipes, and more to animal taming have been added.

All of these have been released within the new region named Ludern. Inspired by Scottish landscapes, players will have to guide in the swamp while avoiding killing by the wildlife, as well as some new human enemies. This new area is very corrupted and lost to the plague, so watch out for those hordes and abandoned cities as you explore!

Wartales is currently available in Early Access on Steam. Watch the new trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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