Warzone 2 Changes Loadouts That Could Leave Casual Players Behind

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Warzone 2

Infinity Ward is rebuilding the weapon loadout system in Warzone 2, the new free-to-play Call of Duty battle royale which is set to release on November 16.

Let’s begin with the change to how custom loadouts are spread across Al Mazrah. For starters, only your primary weapon can be bought from Shops with earned cash. The rest of your loadout – including your secondary weapon, throwables, and perks – can only be fitted if you’re successful in looting Strongholds guarded by AI soldiers, or in fighting to access global Loadout Drops which are available to all players at a random spot on the map. In other words, if you want your full loadout, you’ll need to endure one or two bloodbaths.

This is a serious shift, and I’m enthusiastic to see the early-game routine ruptured. In Warzone, the first ten minutes of any given game see squads frantically completing Scavenger and Recon Contracts to accrue the $10,000 required to request a Loadout Drop from the nearest Buy Station. Once the Grau 5.56 assault rifle, Ghost perk, and Heartbeat Sensor are in my hands, well, then it’s time to party. And by party, I do of course mean get ambushed by a squad who was able to get their loadout just that little bit quicker. Warzone 2 appears to be doing everything it can to push away from this cycle.

Getting a complete loadout will necessitate joining on dangerous, high-player density areas – it may not be worth the effort for many squads. The first group to clear a Stronghold will gain the opportunity to equip their full loadout, making these locations more perilous than Vaults; subsequent squads can converge on these locations to try and get their favorite equipment, but the challenge will compound gradually over time.

Warzone 2

The Gunsmith Grind

This decision sharpens the focus on finding better ground loot, and ultimately, on preparing a killer primary weapon via Gunsmith – which is where my concern for the more casual-leaning players comes in. If Modern Warfare 2 – which shares a suite of progression systems with Warzone 2 – has shown me anything, it’s that weapon building is a mess, one which ultimately rewards those with plentiful amounts of time and patience. The process of unlocking weapons and attachments is more complicated, complex, and time-intensive than it ever has been before. Some players will get left behind in Warzone 2 as certain primary weapon builds become inevitably dominant, and otherwise difficult to access.

It’s a lot to ask of players, particularly those who don’t have access to Modern Warfare 2, and will otherwise be unable to grind through levels of famous weapons in games of TDM and Domination. And with no Plunder or Rebirth Resurgence equivalent in Warzone 2, there may be no effortless way to grind unlocks within the Warzone 2 ecosystem itself – as gamers could with the original game. This means that as other weapons rise to the top of the tier list and describe the meta – they always do, it’s unavoidable – the barrier to baseline survivability and viability has become more significant.

Grinding weapons to stay competitive has always been a part of Warzone. I can recall Sunday afternoons spent whipping through weapon levels on Kar98k, M4A1, M13, Grau 5.56, Krig 6, and MAC-10 to get myself back on a level-playing field around big meta shifts. But the difference here is that an ‘afternoon’ may transform into a week, or longer, thanks to the more complicated Gunsmith system. This is the time many normal players may not have to spend just to get their hands on the primary guns that the rest of the lobby is wielding.

Warzone 2 is coming online alongside the Modern Warfare 2 battle pass on November 16. Season One will also introduce a way to properly check your KD in Modern Warfare 2 and the new battle royale.

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