WARZONE Map Expands With Season Five

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Warzone and Verdansk are changing for the best. Things will never be the same as the arena is ripped open with explosive charges and a map-traversing train appears in the fifth season of the battle royale game.

A battle royale with a train. It’s never been done before in any game.

Now the stadium will be blown up. It won’t be a safe haven for helicopter-flying squads. It will be a gladiatorial bloodbath for all of the players that parachute, freefall, run, and jump their way into the new location.

For players that own the base game of Modern Warfare, there will be new maps and game modes available as well as Season Five, along with fresh faces among the operators.

I’m so happy that the Gulag will no longer feature sniper rifles, crossbows, and bare fists.

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