Wastelanders Update Tweaked FALLOUT 76 Massively

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Fans reaction is mixed when Fallout 76 first released in November 2018 would be one of modern gaming’s biggest understatements. Now available on Steam, the game is much more refined than ever before and adds a lot of brand new content, missions, and loot which at its base, is a fun experience. The highest compliment I could give to this update is the atmosphere of West Virginia is absolutely spot on with a mix of creepy, campy, and just flat. This is modern Fallout at its best but also still, I question why not release a single-player or an offline version? If you love open-world games, you are going to love this, private worlds (for a cost), and Battle Royale.

If you like it or not Fallout, you should definitely check out the game now, you are in for a shock. Wastelanders is a huge improvement to the game and right, wrong, or indifferent, it’s the game it should have been well over a year ago. It’s exciting and it’s fun, and it’s chock full of quality content and there is a lot of loot. While I believe this will/should finally go free to play with cosmetic paid upgrades, $39.99 is more than a reasonable price for what’s come in the update.


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