Watch 10 Minutes of Terminator: Resistance Gameplay Footage

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Terminator: Resistance

Check out this brand new Terminator game which will be released soon, and it’s basically taking those moments of the future war we have seen in the first two movies and taking them into a setting for a first-person shooter that looks like a bad idea but it is not.

Terminator: Resistance is made possible by Teyon, who was responsible for a shooter based on Rambo back in 2014, but based on these 10 minutes of footage their Terminator game looks more fun. It’s got stealth, salvageable enemies, NPCs who remember choices you make in a very Telltale way, and possibly some kind of crafting. Maybe it’s just because I have loving memories of playing Terminator 2 back in the day at the arcade, but it looks fun to me.

Set 30 years after the robots take over the world, Terminator: Resistance is a singleplayer FPS and you will be playing as a member of the Resistance fighting back against Skynet in destroyed Los Angeles.

Terminator: Resistance will be released on Steam on November 15 in Europe and Australia, and December 3 in the US.


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