Watch 45 Minutes of New Starfield Gameplay

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Last year, during Microsoft’s Xbox & Bethesda showcase, we were treated to a solid 15 minutes of Starfield gameplay. Now, Bethesda is offering us an even more in-depth look at their highly anticipated title, which happens to be their first new IP in 25 years. Game director Todd Howard has described Starfield as “Skyrim in space,” and the RPG is shaping up to be an exciting experience ahead of its debut on September 6th.

In their recent showcase, Bethesda unveiled a wealth of new details about Starfield. They delved into the intricacies of the game, showcasing the cities and settlements players can expect to explore, the skill trees and upgrades available, and even the thrilling space combat mechanics. This 45-minute deep dive into the game provided a glimpse into the vastness of the Starfield universe, making it feel like players will have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of venturing into space.

The core narrative of Starfield revolves around the Constellation, a group of space explorers representing the last of their kind. Players will encounter this group in the capital city of New Atlantis, which Bethesda proudly claims to be their largest city ever built. New Atlantis impresses not only in terms of its sheer size, but also its intricate art, bustling crowds, and numerous quests. The city is populated with non-playable characters (NPCs) who lead dynamic lives, engaging in conversations with full dialogues that players can eavesdrop on.

Starfield boasts a staggering number of over 1,000 planets, each open for players to discover and explore. Bethesda has taken great care to strike a balance between realism and enjoyment in designing these locations. Gravity varies from planet to planet, resulting in different sensations while traversing them. Some planets will make players feel as though they’re soaring through the skies, which will inevitably affect gunplay and other gameplay mechanics. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to venture beyond planetary surfaces and navigate asteroid fields, even exploring abandoned ships adrift in space.


The player’s ship serves as a crucial tool for interstellar navigation. Ships can be purchased and fully customized with a wide range of upgrades that can be obtained through in-game purchases. Customization options extend to cargo holds, living quarters, and various other ship components. Bethesda claims that ships can be tailored to match players’ preferences, allowing them to become virtually anything they desire. Certain members of the Constellation can accompany players on their ships, and each companion offers unique quest lines. If desired, players can also hire additional crew members at spaceports scattered throughout the game. Once on a planet’s surface, players have the choice to either return to their ship on foot or utilize a fast travel system.

Ships in Starfield feature a power system that can be balanced to enhance speed or optimize weapons and shields for aerial combat. When players successfully destroy enemy ships, they can salvage loot from the wreckage or even board and take control of the enemy vessel. Any captured enemy ships become part of the player’s fleet, providing additional resources and expanding their capabilities.

Character creation in Starfield is a significant aspect of the game, complementing its skill system. The character generation system offers a wealth of customization options, including facial morphs, makeup choices, blemishes, scars, and teeth settings, among others. Once players have created their characters, they can begin ranking up. With each level gained, players earn skill points that can be used to unlock various abilities. Ranks are unlocked through completing challenges. Starfield features five distinct skill trees, each with four ranks, offering a diverse range of customization possibilities.

Bethesda also showcased the traits system, which allows players to buff their character’s abilities. Traits can provide benefits such as increased damage output or the ability to share religious beliefs with enemies, allowing players to avoid combat

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