Watch Dogs 2 Cheats, Tips & Tricks

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Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft’s “Watch Dogs 2” has finally launched, much to the delight of its avid fanbase who look towards a life of hacking and fighting crime, vigilante-style. Marcus “Retr0” Holloway offers a glimpse into the expansive world of DedSec, which can be difficult for beginners to traverse and figure out.

Check out the tips and tricks to playing “Watch Dogs 2,” as well as cheats, hacks, and secrets into gaining ground and getting ahead of the pack in the game. But how can players win in “Watch Dogs 2“? Here’s the list of everything you need to know about winning in the game: tips and tricks, strategies, hacks, secrets, and more.

Choosing your playstyle: Trickster is the best

One of the main things to do in “Watch Dogs 2” is picking out a playstyle, which determines the flow and gameplay experience. There are three in the game: Aggressor, which focuses mainly on combat; Ghost, which puts a premium on stealth; and Trickster, which uses the environment to manipulate others.

Of the three, Trickster is the best approach, as it allows players to manipulate the environment without necessarily getting involved in shady activities–or, at the very least, implicating one’s self.  But while it’s important to determine your style and strategy, it’s just as important to keep all three elements into the gameplay to maximize advantage in “Watch Dogs 2,” according to VG 24/7.

Stay nonlethal

Gamers may enjoy a few bloodsheds in “Watch Dogs 2,” but overall, keeping it nonviolent is the best option for players. Marcus Holloway’s stun gun, for example, is an incredibly useful weapon, not only in subduing guards but in keeping the general peace. It may also be more interesting for players to instead stun their enemies instead of snuffing them out completely since they would be up and running again in a jiffy.


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