Watch And Play GOLDENEYE 007 In 4K

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I saw last week that someone had remastered Goldeneye for the N64 and thought to myself “how good could it really be?” It’s not too hard these days to make ANYTHING look better than Goldeneye…

Turns out this game can get quite a facelift! See the remake and continue reading below that.

There’s more that sets Goldeneye Source apart from its 64 predecessor, however…

  • Multiplayer only with online play
  • remastered single player levels that appear in multiplayer
  • Custom music similar to the game’s iconic soundtracks. Players can also edit levels to have music of their choice.

The project was first started in 2006 using Valve’s Source engine. After the initial creator of the mod committed suicide, others stepped in to continue the work with the newest version 5.0 being released August 12th. If you’re looking to try it out…click here.


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