Watch Real Life Game Of PAC-MAN

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Real Life Game Of PAC-MAN

Caterpillar Inc, which is a giant of manufacturing heavy machinery and also known simply as CAT, has been showing off the abilities and skills of their machines by playing a mixture of larger-than-life variants of famous and beloved games. This time they joined forces with Bandai Namco and made a real-life Pac-Man maze which is huge, 26,296 sq. ft to be exact. in order to play the game with a mixture of CAT vehicles. This entry of The CAT Trials sees five professionals from the worlds of esports, social media, and their own customers running heavy construction equipment to live out their gaming fantasies.

To create this unique arcade experience on a real-life construction site, Caterpillar used 6,880 yards of dirt from which to dig out the maze and berm. In the end, a sum of 5,300 tons of earth was excavated, resulting in a maze with walls up to 4 ft. high and overall dimensions of 162.4 by 180.4 ft.

The Power Pellets were represented by four key Cat Services they give, such as Customer Value Agreements, Repair Options, Cat Financial, and Cat App. The fruit bonuses are designed simply by Cat part boxes. The participatory controlling the Cat 236D3 skid steers using remote control systems and here are the names:

  • PAC-MAN™ – Played by Jim Kosner of JIMAX Landscaping & Demolition, Peoria, Ill.

  • BLINKY – Played by Joey Stone, NASCAR/Richard Childress Racing (RCR) eSports driver of the #8 Virtual Cat car

  • INKY – Played by Alfonso Farjardo of Horsepower Site Services, Charlotte, N.C., a Caterpillar Global Operator Challenge regional finalist

  • PINKY – Played by BLITZ, social media influencer, YouTube gaming content creator, and civil engineer

  • CLYDE – Played by Tom Gardocki, The Dirt Ninja, social media influencer, professional heavy equipment operator in landscaping and construction

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