Watch Technologies To Be Excited About In 2020

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apple watch

This is the era of smartphones. There’s no doubt about it. And with the rise of smartphones, wearables have also seen a rise in interest. The year 2020 will certainly be an interesting time for smartwatches as the tech is ripe, and consumers are looking at it as the new frontier. Mechanical watches have seen a decline for years now, and its market may jump ship.

For the incoming year, there are numerous watch technologies that you need to look out for. For watch connoisseurs and the general public, it’s going to be one great year for watches. With new smartwatches on the horizon and new complications on mechanical watches, the watch industry is doing well, even with the challenges that it faced in the last decade.

So what exactly are the technologies in wearables that you need to look out for? There’s three. We’ve collated them in this article so you won’t have to search high and low. Enjoy reading!

Google smartwatch

Google smartwatch

A Wear OS smartwatch to be exact. Not that Google isn’t planning on adding a wearable in the next decade, but we likely won’t see it in 2020. But what we’re going to be in for is a smartwatch that’s carrying Wear OS with all the bells and whistles that it’s Apple counterpart has. Because to be honest, it’s long overdue. A Pixel Watch, perhaps?

Apple has five iterations of its famous smartwatch now, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for Wear OS are still in the infancy stage of integrating the Google-made OS in smartwatches. A Pixel Watch may be on the horizon though, as Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has recently just acquired Fitbit. If it’s going to materialize, it will instantly be a part of iconic watches in this century.

For 2020 though, consumers who are waiting for a good Wear OS watch should look into Fossil and Huawei. Right now, the Fossil Sport and GT Watch 2 are the best options under the OS, but that’s about to change in a few years or so. Don’t save your breath for a Pixel Watch anytime soon, so if you have the money to spend this year, get the latest from these manufacturers.

apple watch series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

We’re still on the heels of Apple’s fifth and latest iteration of its smartwatch, but rumors have it that the Apple Series 6 will feature an updated interface, faster speeds, and better integration for your health trackers. Apple Series 5 has an innovative and timely always-on feature, and users love it. Battery life has been diminished, though, so a battery bump may be on the way.

But the one rumor that keeps on surfacing about the new Apple watch is its sleep tracking technology. At the moment, there isn’t one on any of its iterations. And there isn’t a dedicated Watch app you can get on the Watch App store to supplement. If sleep tracking is added to the next generation of Apple Watches, then expect that it will work perfectly and seamlessly because that’s what Apple does.

HYT H3 Hydro-Mechanical Watch 

More complications on mechanical watches

The demand for mechanical watches may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean that the interest in it is waning. Quite the opposite actually, as the rise of smartwatches paved the way for more and more people to be interested in watches with mechanical movements. These types of watches fetch astronomical prices, and only a few people can wear them.

But that doesn’t stop the masses from being interested in the movement itself though. Time and again, the need for a company that offers affordable watches in the mechanical movement has never waned. Mechanical watches represent the best craftsmanship the world has ever seen. So it’s going to be a shame if one day, it’ll go away.

This year the focus on more complications is stronger than ever. Smartwatches are on the rise, and to be able to keep up with the features of the new kid on the block, in-house movements need to innovate. Patek Philippe, Breitling, and Omega are at the forefront of new movements in the industry. So expect a bevy of new mechanical watches from these companies this year. And even Rolex may come out with an updated version of one of its classics. So stay tuned.



For watch connoisseurs, there’s something to be said about getting first edition watches, especially smartwatches. The incoming decade proves to be one to beat when it comes to innovation, and we may see the death of one or two movements, depending on consumer demand. While that’s a sad thing to ponder on, it opens up new doors for new technologies to come through.

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