Watch The New Tachanka Elite Set And Rework Gameplay!

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Tachanka Elite Set

Rainbow Six Siege is one awesome game and many have been playing it for years now, but this may be the first time I’ve wanted to buy an elite set in the game. Mostly I don’t want to pay extra money on cosmetics like that, but this looks so good.

Tachanka, The Russian operator has been a meme on the internet—and in the video game—due to his hugely situational and mostly useless functionality as a defender. The turret-wielding monster was just never wanted and so effortlessly circumvented.

This time, His rework is being shown off by Ubisoft, and to celebrate the occasion, Lord Tachanka has an elite set outfit for the ages. It’s also done in the most hyperbolic way imaginable. Flames, tanks, horses, and oiled skin.

Tachanka has been rebuilt from the ground up into a wholly new defender with a skill set that will test attackers with area denial effects. His new Shumikha Launcher delivers deadly incendiary grenades with a timed fuse that starts after the first bounce. He also comes with LMG that can really tear apart soft walls in the game. It should make him a deadly and tricky defender to play as.

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