Watch The OnePlus 5T Torture Video

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OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T hit the market last week and now we have a new torture video of the handset, check out the durability of the set in the video below. The new smartphone is put through a number of tests, In the video below the new OnePlus display is out trough some scratch tests, bend test and more.

OnePlus 5T starts to scratch at level 6 or 7, this means that it is on par with many of the flagship devices available on the market today. The fingerprint scanner appears to hold up well to the scratch tests.

The new OnePlus smartphone also performed well in the bend test with no damage when the handset is bent slightly. The device did not recover from the burn test on the display, which is hardly unusual and in line with the rest of the flagships phone in the market.




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