Watching Movies can Elevate Your Mood and Help You Feel Better

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Nowadays, we spend more time on cinema than we used to even a few years ago. Not only do people go to movie theatres more often, but people are also more interested in movie culture.

Movies do us a lot of good. Watching movies is not just about blowing off steam nor having a good laugh. Watching movies has more benefits than you know. Apart from being a way to have a few hours of fun with your friends and family, watching movies is a form of therapy. It allows you to escape your life problems. It brings a sense of relief.

A study has shown that watching a comedy film and laughing caused the blood vessels of the subject to dilate by about 22%. This, in turn, lowered their blood pressure. What’s more, a sad film can have positive effects on your brain. When you watch a traumatic film, endorphins are released from the brain. This increases pain tolerance and helps you feel better.

Watching a movie is just like having chocolate. Watching a good film causes inexplicable happiness just what you after having good sex with someone and daydreaming about escorts you never imagined in Glasgow. These can compensate for all the bad moments you experience in life. As you watch the movies with complete concentration, you feel what the characters feel. In fact, watching all those actors in a movie can sometimes give you a good feeling to hire a good-looking escort in Glasgow and spend as much as you can.

Movies can also help you psychologically. In fact, therapists these days are prescribing movies to their patients. There are many practitioners of film therapy who suggest that watching a movie mirroring what you are going through can shift your perspective from the issues you are facing and help in dealing with them better.

Sure, romantic and comedy movies can help you cope with stress but studies show that scary movies lead to the arousal of negative stimuli that can significantly improve your move. Thus, you tend to feel happier and less frustrated or anxious.

According to a study published in 2012, a movie tends to be relaxing because you can process them easily. Since you are able to predict them, it is comfortable for you. So, the next time anyone asks you why you are watching the same movie again, remember to tell them this.

The nostalgia a movie evokes when you are re-watching it can have some great positive effects. Usually, nostalgia is associated with melancholy but research has shown that it can also have a positive effect. Not only can it boost self-esteem but can also help in improving your personal relationships.

Irrespective of what you do and who you are, at times, you just feel the need to get away from everything. And there’s no better way than to watch a good movie that makes you feel better about life.

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