Watching Pepperoni and Bacon Being Sliced is Extremely Satisfying

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Pepperoni and Bacon

Today Textor released a new fun video for the of their TS700 Involute Blade Slicer slicing huge amounts of pepperoni and bacon at extremely high speeds. If you are a fan of Pepperoni and Bacon then this will be the most satisfying video for you. These rotating blade can easily cut through meats, up to 17 inches wide, at speeds of up to 2000 RPM, WOW! I like to watch it cutting that delicious meat all day.

Capable of delivering high volumes of perfect meat and cheese slices in a wide variety of on-weight presentations, the TS700 is as simple to operate, as it is to clean. The TS700 will help you increase throughput and yields, while simultaneously reducing product waste What’s more, the open design helps turn would-be sanitation time into valuable production hours.


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