Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon

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Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon

Cut into the juicy flavors of melons with the Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Melon Knife Colori. It’s just as useful and creative as the butter knife which we saw and loved eariler.

Fun and functional, it’s unmistakably designed for use with melons, with its green handle and long red blade decorated with a whimsical seed cut-out design.

Ergonomic handle is designed to help you maintain your grip while applying pressure to cut through tough melon skins.

Seed-shaped cut-outs prevent sticking and help melon slide off the blade easily.

Nonstick coating ensures food will release easily from blade.

Red safety sheath, with its decorative seed-shaped accents, coordinates with the whimsical design of the knife and protects blade when not in use.


Watermelon Knife by Kuhn Rikon


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