WAY OF THE HUNTER Hunting Experience is Superb!

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A new hunting simulator is coming out soon, boasting an immersive open-world with multiple realistic approaches to the way in which you track and hunt down your mark. Take on the role of an experienced ethical hunter as he is tasked with taking over the family business of selling high-quality game meat. From developer Nine Rock Games and publishers, THQ Nordic comes this new game in the hunting simulator genre, comes with realism and the freedom to roam around.

Way of the Hunter collects a superabundance of talent from all corners of the hunting sim world to create a convincing and engaging entry into this already soaked genre. Boasting an extensive selection of hunting gear and weapons, Way of the Hunter seems to drastically set itself apart from the general hunting sim game through its determination to not only give a realistic experience but a delightful narrative and premise to the adventure. With soo many features, it’s hard not to notice Way of the Hunter.

Add Way of The Hunter to your steam wishlist and have a look at the announcement trailer below:

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