Ways of Mastering Great Essay Writing: Mastery Is Possible

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Who said that mastering great essay writing is difficult? If you have been struggling with this area, you need to read this post. Inside it, we have compiled some of the most practical ideas for achieving mastery in your essay assignments.

Learn from others

Remember the words of sage Solomon that, “As iron sharpens iron, so a man’s face sharpens his friend’s face.” If you want to go far, you need to learn from others and allow them to sharpen your skills. You need to develop a culture of reading your colleagues’ essays so that you can learn from their strengths and reduce your weaknesses.

Build your vocabulary

Building your vocabulary is another way of preparing yourself for mastery in writing essays. You need to develop this area because you need words to express your ideas concisely and where necessary, briefly. If you have not mastered the meanings and usage of words, it will be difficult for you to beat plagiarism since your ability to express the same ideas in different words will be limited.

Topic selection

There can be no great essay writing without mastering the art of selecting topics. Even if your instructors give you a topic, you still have a role to play in tuning it to fit a particular angle from which you will approach it.

To get the perfect topic for your assignment, you need to choose it based on several factors. First, you need to select and narrow your topic based on your ability to adequately research and write it. Don’t try to delve into a topic or an angle that will be unnecessarily difficult to research or else you will end up with poor grades. Second, choose a topic that interests you. This way, you will have the gusto to research and write the essay without feeling like you are doing some “hard work.”

Master the art of researching 

All great essays are products of great researching. You need to master this process since it is the only way to get the necessary information and content to construct your essay. If you fail at this level, you will end up with a weak essay that lacks sufficient evidence to support its claims and thesis statement. So, be selective how you choose the sources of your research materials because the quality of your evidence will depend on the credibility of your sources.

As you research, you should also carry a notebook and pen with you. This approach will enable you to note down the main ideas you need to include in your essay. Additionally, taking short notes will help you to remain focused and organized as you prepare to write. Lastly, note taking will allow you to save time when it comes to referencing your work since you will not need to go back to your research materials to get them.

Does your essay answer the four fundamental questions?

A great essay must answer the four fundamental questions that constitute the completeness, clarity, and impact of your assignment.

  • Define your audience: The who question

You should define and understand the main readers of your assignment. You need to figure out what exactly the instructor had in mind when they set that assignment for you, and what they expect you to write so that you can satisfy that expectation.

  • Understand the purpose of the assignment: The why question

The second fundamental question that will shape the relevance and determine the greatness of your essay is understanding the purpose of your writing. You need to approach your assignment with the awareness that you are getting an opportunity to get a true picture of yourself and how well you have captured what you have been learning. This way, you will be better placed to perform a fair and balanced self-assessment regarding your personal ability to articulate and communicate issues. This way, it is easy for you to dedicate yourself to continuous learning and improvement.

  • Content and context matter: The what question

This question is one of the most important among the four. The reason is that it gives you the opportunity to respond to the other three by writing down the essay. It shows you what you need to write as per the prompt you have received from your instructor. When you get the “what” question right, you prove to your instructors that you have fully understood the primary instruction that enables you to fulfill the purpose of your assignment.

  • Pay attention to styling and structuring: The how question

After understanding the first three questions, you now need to determine how to arrange and organize your information.  Even if you have the best content in mind, but you don’t know how best to style and organize it, it will be difficult for your readers to navigate through it. That is why you need to draft an appropriate structure of presenting your ideas and arguments in a logically flowing and coherent manner.

Use only necessary information

Another way of writing a great essay is including only the necessary and relevant information that your reader needs. By including relevant information, you should avoid all other details in the assignment that do not fulfill its purpose. For instance, if your essay is supposed to explain or persuade, makes sure you include in it the information that will convince and help your readers to understand what you are putting across.

Don’t try to invent your own questions

To write excellent essays, you need to do so in response to the questions that your lecturers have set before you. Do not try to remold the questions to suit your personal liking and preference. Even if you feel that the instructor has given you an assignment prompt you are not comfortable with, it is your duty to conform to the question rather than try to edit it. If you attempt to revise the prompt, you will be telling your instructor that you don’t follow instructions and you will most likely write the assignment on the topic. Therefore, stick to the instructions.

Meet and beat all deadlines

Lastly, you need to pay particular attention to deadlines. You also need to ensure that you write the essay and submit it on time. The reason here is that your instructor will award you grades based on the quality of content you wrote and depending on your ability to follow instructions. If they gave you a 5-day deadline to submit an assignment, you need to do so within that period.

If you write a dazzling essay and deliver it after eight days, you will be like a dressmaker who delivers a golden wedding gown to a seven-day wife— one week after her wedding. How will that gown ever help her in this life unless you pray she enters early widowhood or gets a divorce so that she can enjoy that gown on her remarriage day? So, ensure that you write qualitative essays and do so on time because lateness will portray a very negative image about your orderliness.

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