Weapon Unlock for the Most Popular Games

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Now cyber sportsmen and amateurs obtain an exceptional opportunity of the CoD: WW2 weapon unlocks through the high-grade boosting options. It would be done by upgrading your hero and increasing the game rating. Boosting service will help willing gamers with CoD weapon unlock and other shooting challenges.


Boosting Service for Weapon Unlock

Many shooter games give players an arsenal based on certain achievements in the game. You need to increase your rating to move to the next level. Then you will unlock new opportunities and new armaments. The TrueCost boosting service and professional team of gamers will make it faster for your character. Choose any game and explore categories with a set of unlocking tools.

kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3

If you don’t know how to unlock Ultima Weapon KH3, then there are two simple steps. Your character must complete the game story for the first time to open the secret recipe. The “Ultima Weapon” will unlock if you find 58 ingredients. They are called Orichalcum +. You should destroy rocks using your gummi ship, find elements in the treasure chests. Look after enemies; they might have left ingredients (gems, crystals, stones, etc.). Each synthesis material must be put into the Moogle Workshop.

You could count the number of components in the Collector’s Goals. When they are collected, you will receive KH3 unlock Ultima Weapon. Our squad will help you to do this and get the necessary elements to collect the recipe faster.

Call of Duty World War 2 

Call of Duty: World War 2

Many types of armaments are unlocked temporarily and then discarded. To unlock new items you need to get Prestige. Several types affect a specific category:

  • Soldier Prestige.
  • Division prestige.
  • Weapon Prestige (Lewis Light Machine Gun, SVT-40 Rifle, BAR Rifle, and others).

Our team will help you with CoD: WW2 weapon unlock and this will give you more chances for victory. A high level of Prestige will also help your character to receive exclusive rewards. The higher the rating, the more arsenal is available.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World

Complete levels to expand trees and get new parts. You could not make weapons in the forge unless you improve the basic types. After that, you will see weapon trees. Do not panic if you have money and materials but tree parts are not updating. For MHW weapon tree unlock, you need to collect more elements: turn bones and ore into branches.

Go through stories and get new parts of the monster. Your hero may get dual blades in one tree, but the right side will be blocked. You need to upgrade your weapons and armor after HR50. Reach Rank 8 for this. Many gamers have difficulties here, but the TrueCost experienced squad will help to open more parts of the tree.

Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

To unlock more armament you need to get a higher rating. Complete more levels for this. We’ll help you to save time and raise your gaming status to unlock new tools. Our prof team obtains 5 categories that you can open. Ask our gamers for help for MW3 weapon unlock levels. You can get the next upgraded arsenal:

  • any Launcher Golden Camo;
  • AS VAL;
  • Damascus Camo;
  • SP-R 208;
  • any Assault Rifle 1-72 custom leveling;
  • Combat Knife Golden Camo, and others.


TrueCost Boosting Services

Many games are more interesting if you unlock new weapons for the upcoming battle royals. Our boosting service helps low-level players to achieve success in the game. If you’re looking for CoD WW2 weapon unlock levels then you don’t need to go through all gaming history.

Our team of professional gamers will upgrade your character. Unlock more armor and other items for brighter gameplay. TrueCost has prepared an attractive 20% discount. It’s very easy to get Call of Duty WW2 weapon unlocks, it will save a lot of game hours.

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