Wearable Subwoofer is Here, Who Needs A Club Now!

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Wearable Subwoofer

Check out the Basslet, it’s a wearable subwoofer — a device that connects with your phone and vibrates on your skin to the rhythm of the song you’re listening to. It successfully Kickstarted in June 2016, selling more than 4,500 units, and now it’s coming to the U.S. and the UK.

Basslet is a simple black rectangle that’s best described as a smartwatch without a face. It has only two buttons, which let you change the “volume.” At the top setting, the Basslet is truly rocking through your bones; lower settings might be preferable for a more balanced musical experience.

Basslet does not need any sort of connection to your phone, meaning there’s no annoying Bluetooth pairing. But, it does require a dongle of sorts, which connects to the phone’s headphone jack and wirelessly transmits the data to the Basslet. This connection is seamless; you don’t have to ever worry about it. Basslet have six-plus hours of playing time.

The Basslet will be available on Feb. 7 in the U.S. and the UK for $199 and £169, respectively, on Amazon and


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